Auntie Pat Remembers…

John’s Auntie Pat’s memories start with a very young John back home in Yorkshire.

Paying tribute to her nephew she said he’d always been interested in radio and communications, in the days before mobile phones, CD’s, computers and even colour television.

He made his first recording at six years old, in a booth at Manchester Zoo with his grandparents.  It was a very young, squeaky voice describing the zoo!

John’s interest was always in the electronics field. Aged eleven he set up his own radio station at home.  He would record interviews with the whole family which would be  broadcast, along with old records, downstairs through speakers. It was not long before he discovered that all the neighbours could receive it as well!

His bedroom-cum-studio was upstairs in the family home, a dormer type bungalow, and one very cold winter, in true John style, he climbed out onto the roof in his pyjamas to re-adjust the radio aerial.  He slipped, slid down the roof and off the edge, passing the lounge window on the way down.

His mum and dad were both looking out of the window at the time. All his mum asked was “was that our John that just went past?”!  When he walked back into the house she berated him for dirtying his pyjamas – and he was sent to change them!  Luckily it was only an eight foot drop and it was only his pride that was hurt.

His main interest was always radio. When asked by the careers master at school what he wanted to do when he grew up, he replied “be on the radio”.

He was told he needed a “proper job” and was promptly sent to train as an electrician!  Although he subsequently worked in an electrical store through the day, he spent his evenings and weekends volunteering at the local hospital radio station. Eventually, he went on to the local commercial radio station to follow his career dream.

It was at this time that he met Jan and fell in love with her and Jersey, where she lived.

He had to wait five years before commercial radio came to Jersey in 1992, at which point he was able to have all the loves of his life in one place.